Elder Spotlight: Shirley Starks

Shirley Starks, an elder Westmoreland Care and Rehabilitation, is a very special person. Shirley loves living at Westmoreland and attends several activities on a daily basis. Shirley also participates in our Music and Memory Program. Music and Memory is a program designed to provide elders with their own personalized music playlist, iPod, and headphones. Shirley requested all Vince Gill music on her playlist and we were able to provide her with the music she wanted. Listening to Vince Gill is a simple pleasure that makes Shirley happy! One of her favorite Vince Gill Songs is “Go Rest High on That Mountain.” Shirley said, “I love listening to my music, it makes me so happy. His voice is so good and I love hearing him sing.” Shirley also likes to watch Vince Gill’s music videos on our new IN2L computer!

Westmoreland Care and Rehab currently has 17 elders participating in Music and Memory, all with their own personalized playlists! We take pride in providing our elders with person directed care! To learn more about Music and Memory click HERE.

Recently, Shirley requested we take her to one of her favorite restaurants in Portland, Tennessee. She wanted to go the 109 Restaurant, so we took Shirley and some other elders. Shirley was so excited to be back at one of her favorite restaurants! Shirley went to the 109 Restaurant every day before coming to Westmoreland Care and Rehab. She was such a regular at the restaurant the restaurant always kept her same seat available each day! Shirley said, “I didn’t think I would ever be able to come back here again when I moved to Westmoreland Care and Rehab.”

During the outing, Shirley told elders and staff about her table, the history of the portraits on the wall, how the food always tasted great, and how she knew the owners of the restaurant. Shirley was so happy and excited to go back to the 109 Restaurant and we are happy to provide Shirley with a person centered activity that makes her feel that much joy!

As an Eden Alternative facility, the focus of our activities and care are based on the elder’s individual needs and preferences. Shirley is just one of many elders at Westmoreland Care and Rehab that we provide with person directed care. The Eden Alternative Principle number six states: “Meaningless activity corrodes the human spirit. The opportunity to do things that we find meaningful is essential to human health.” Westmoreland Care and Rehab has learned during our culture change journey, that person directed care key part to improving the overall quality of life for our elders! For more information on the Eden Alternative please visit http://www.edenalt.org/ .

Our Culture Change Journey: “Eden Alternative Leaf Ceremony”

Westmoreland Care and Rehab is an Eden Alternative facility and we take pride in changing the culture of caregiving to a person-directed approach. It takes time, consistency, and dedication of our elders, stakeholders, families, and our community to successfully maintain and change the culture of caregiving. Westmoreland Care and Rehab recently celebrated several of our accomplishments throughout our culture change journey with our 1st Eden Leaf Ceremony. In the front lobby of our community you will find a large tree posted on the wall titled “Our Culture Change Journey” that now has 13 green leaves! The 13 leaves on the tree represent our achievements during our culture change journey.

There were several elders, stakeholders, and children in attendance of our Eden Leaf Ceremony. We celebrated with a whole lot of ice cream! Elders, campers, and stakeholders were able to add the leaves on the tree!

The 13 Culture Leaves we received were:

  • Simple Pleasures
  • Hand In Hand Training
  • Eden Registry
  • Eden Milestone 2
  • Intergenerational
  • Musical Expressions
  • Snack Foods
  • Rhythm of Life
  • Overhead Paging
  • Eden Associate
  • Vacations
  • Elder Council
  • Animal Companionship

Camp Westmoreland: “Kids Making a Difference”

It’s that time of the year again! Tuesday May 31st, 2016 we set off our annual Camp Signature of Westmoreland! The theme of this year’s camp is “Kids Making a Difference.” Camp Westmoreland is an intergenerational program designed to have children and our elders interact on a meaningful level each day. The camp is for staff members’ children. Westmoreland Care and Rehab is an Eden Alternative Community. The Eden Alternative focuses on changing the culture of care in nursing homes. Eden Alternative defines three plagues that occur in nursing homes, which are helplessness, loneliness, and boredom. Camp Westmoreland provides us with a unique way to help fight the three plagues described in the Eden Alternative.

Every morning the campers write a “Daily Vitamin,” which is a short encouraging bible verse to give to elders and staff members. This activity provides a very meaningful interaction between the children and elders. The children hand deliver the Daily Vitamin and read it to the elder or staff member. One child said, “I like giving out the Daily Vitamins, because I like helping and talking to the elders.” One elder was so happy to receive the Daily Vitamin that she said, “I will be hanging this up on my wall!” We give a Daily Vitamin not only to the elders, but to staff as well, because changing the culture of care begins with our staff members.

During camp, the campers will exercise with elders and encourage elders to participate in exercise. Following exercise, we move into our daily prayer group. Directly after the prayer, we use our new technology system “iN2L” and we sing hymns together with lyrics up on our big screen TV. There is something special about hearing the voices of the elders and children singing songs together. We sing songs like “Amazing Grace,” “I’ll Fly Away,” and “Old Rugged Cross.” The smiles on the faces of the elders watching and singing with the children shows just how important intergenerational activities are when it comes to fighting the three plagues described by the Eden Alternative.

In the afternoons, our campers assist with our “Breathe Life” program at Westmoreland Care and Rehab. Breathe Life is a program directed by our full time respiratory therapy team that focuses on breathing exercises, treatments, and breathing activities for elders with COPD, or those at risk for respiratory issues such as pneumonia. Our campers assist and participate in the Breathe Life activities such as deep breathing, breathe life exercise, and other activities designed by the activity department to provide beneficial breathing exercises for our elders to develop their lung strength.

At the end of the day, we have an activity called “Teaching Tech.” This activity lets our campers use their knowledge of current technology, such as iPads, to teach our elders how to use this type of technology. The campers teach the elders how to play games likememory challenging games, and just how to work the technology. Introducing elders to technology can help us find new ways to keep our elders engaged in activities and find interests they might not have known they even had. We are looking forward to the next two months of Camp Westmoreland!

Westmoreland Care and Rehab is revolutionizing the healthcare industry forever!

In2L Making a Difference

Westmoreland Care and Rehabiliation recently acquired new technology to enhance our elder’s quality of life. The new program at Westmoreland is called In2L or “It’s Never 2 Late to Learn.” In2L has made a huge impact throughout our community already. For example, we have a morning prayer group at 9:45 AM, which usually consisted of prayer request, a short scripture, and then ended with a prayer. Now, with the use of In2L, we play hymns by Alan Jackson on the big screen TV with the lyrics to every song we song in large bold letters. The elders request hymns that would like to hear and we all sing them together. We have elders participating in prayer groups, who before In2L, never participated in any prayer groups at all. In2L has turned a simple prayer group into a very meaningful and purposeful activity daily for our elders. You can look out in the elders participating the prayer group and see them closing their eyes while singing and raising their hands to the music with smiles on their faces.

In2L has made a huge impact on the quality of life department as well. We now have at our fingertips, thanks to in2L, several fun and engaging activities that can be done spontaneously. Our goal as an Eden Alternative Community is to provide our elders with meaningful, purposeful, and spontaneous activities and In2L provides our community with an excellent resource to provide great activities for our elders.

Not only has In2L improved the spirituality department and quality of life department, but the therapy team also uses In2L during therapy sessions. In2L helps the therapist deliver a much more personalized approach to specific elder’s interest and needs through its wide variety of options. You will hear elders in the community bragging about how many bubbles they popped on one of the In2l programs. Brenda, an elder at Westmoreland Care and Rehab, stated “I love working with that computer. It gives me so many different things to do, but I really enjoy popping the bubbles. I popped over 220 bubbles the other day!”

WCRC March Madness Basketball Game

Westmoreland Care and Rehab held our first Annual March Madness Basketball Game this past Thursday March 31st, 2016. The teams were the Villanova Wildcats and the North Carolina Tar Heels. We started the game by introducing each player from each team. Chaplain David Spears sang the National Anthem and everyone else sang along with him! The game consisted of three six-minute quarters that was followed by a fourth quarter skills competition. It was a 3-on-3 wheelchair basketball game. Teams receive points by making shots and blocking shots. The game was neck and neck throughout!

The skills competition gave each individual elder a chance to score points for their team. The skills competition had three different skills, lasting one minute each for each team. We started the competition with a “Give and Go Contest” this skill involved two players passing the ball to each other and one player shooting a shot to try and score for their team. The three-point competition had one elder from each team attempting to make as many three-point shots as possible in a minute. The last skill competition was a dribbling contest. Players received one point for each successful dribble they made in one minute. Michael Stone stated, “I love the idea of the skills competition. It really gives each of us a chance to score and help our teams.”

Every player scored and contributed to their teams, however the MVP of the first Annual March Madness Basketball game of 2016 went to Kathy Jernigan of the North Carolina Tar Heels! Kathy played a great overall game, but made her biggest contribution during the Dribbling Contest. Kathy surprised everyone in the room when the dribbled the ball 110 times for a minute straight without losing the ball! She scored 110 points for her team in 1 minute! Kathy said with a huge smile on her face, “I knew if I was chosen to dribble the ball that I could do great with it. I told myself I could do it for one minute and I did!”

The final score of the game was North Carolina 130 and Villanova 127!

Our elders, stakeholders, and everyone else had a great time during our first annual March Madness Basketball Game! We look forward to playing the game again next year.

2016 WCRC Easter Egg Hunt!

Westmoreland Care and Rehabilitation held our annual community Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday March 26th, 2016. We held one egg hunt for children four years and younger and another for children five years and older. The weather was perfect for an Easter Egg Hunt and several kids participated! There were four golden eggs and the children who found those eggs won an Easter Basket with candy, toys, and a basketball.

Our elders At Westmoreland Care and Rehab love being around children. Some elders came outside to watch the children hunt the eggs while others watched from their rooms. The smiles and laughs from our elders shows just how important it is to have children involved in our activity programming!

As an Eden Alternative facility we strive to provide our elders with as many intergenerational activities and community events to improve our elders overall quality of life!

Miles for Memory 5K

Westmoreland Care and Rehabilitation is a certified Music and Memory facility. We launched the program last fall with three elders and quickly realized how effective music can be in changing of the lives of our elders. Music and Memory is a program that uses personalized playlist for each elder participating in the program. The Music and Memory program has been effective in helping elders relieve anxiety, depression, agitation, wandering, and other behaviors associated with dementia. Elders are given their own headphones, iPod Shuffles, and personalized playlist on their iPods. We purchase the elders favorite songs using iTunes gift cards.

The program is completely funded by fundraising and donations. We decided to host our first 5k run/walk and fun run for kids this year at Westmoreland Care and Rehab to help expand our Music and Memory Program. We raised $750 dollars and now we will be able to provide 20 total elders with their own iPod Shuffles, personalized music, and headphones! WCRC would like to thank everyone who participated in the run and all the sponsors who helped fund our 5K shirts! We do plan on having a 5K next year as well!

We had several participants who said they loved just walking the route because of the scenery. Other runners said the route was challenging and they really enjoyed the run. The kids had a blast running through tires, walking a balance beam while holding a spoon with an Easter Egg on it, running through an obstacle course made of pool noodles, and at the end of the run they played a Minute to Win It, Hot Potato, Straw, and an M&M challenge. Several of the kids decided to run the race more than once! Every child and adult received a medal for participation, a shirt, and complimentary brunch after the run hosted by the dietary department at Westmoreland Care and Rehabilitation. Thanks again to everyone who volunteered, donated, and participated in the 1st Annual “Miles for Memory” 5K run!


Mens 5K Winners
–1st Place: Dillion Tucker / 19 minutes and 42 seconds
–2nd Place: Gordon Vaught / 20 minutes and 7 seconds
–3rd Place: Dalton Cook / 31 minutes and 26 seconds

Womens 5K Winners
–1st Place Michelle Kelleher / 35 minutes and 26 seconds
–2nd Place Michelle Cook / 36 minutes and 2 seconds


K-2nd Grade
–1st Place Gavin Graves
–2nd Place Brayden Graves

–1st Lacey Harrison

3rd-6th Grade
–1st Place Brenden Kelleher
–2nd Place Carson Phillips
–3rd Place Nathan Kelleher

3rd-6th Grade Girls
–1st Place Carlee Scheurer

March Stakeholder of the Month

westmoreland mary lou

Westmoreland Care and Rehab is pleased to announce Kasmin Richardson as our stakeholder of the month for March.
Kasmin is a certified nurse assistant and works the third shift. She is a leader and takes the initiative to do what is needed to care for our elders. She is a very passionate, caring, and understanding caregiver. Kasmin willingly goes the extra mile to ensure our elders are taken care of. Everyone at Westmoreland, her coworkers and our elders, loves her.

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