In2L Making a Difference

Westmoreland Care and Rehabiliation recently acquired new technology to enhance our elder’s quality of life. The new program at Westmoreland is called In2L or “It’s Never 2 Late to Learn.” In2L has made a huge impact throughout our community already. For example, we have a morning prayer group at 9:45 AM, which usually consisted of prayer request, a short scripture, and then ended with a prayer. Now, with the use of In2L, we play hymns by Alan Jackson on the big screen TV with the lyrics to every song we song in large bold letters. The elders request hymns that would like to hear and we all sing them together. We have elders participating in prayer groups, who before In2L, never participated in any prayer groups at all. In2L has turned a simple prayer group into a very meaningful and purposeful activity daily for our elders. You can look out in the elders participating the prayer group and see them closing their eyes while singing and raising their hands to the music with smiles on their faces.

In2L has made a huge impact on the quality of life department as well. We now have at our fingertips, thanks to in2L, several fun and engaging activities that can be done spontaneously. Our goal as an Eden Alternative Community is to provide our elders with meaningful, purposeful, and spontaneous activities and In2L provides our community with an excellent resource to provide great activities for our elders.

Not only has In2L improved the spirituality department and quality of life department, but the therapy team also uses In2L during therapy sessions. In2L helps the therapist deliver a much more personalized approach to specific elder’s interest and needs through its wide variety of options. You will hear elders in the community bragging about how many bubbles they popped on one of the In2l programs. Brenda, an elder at Westmoreland Care and Rehab, stated “I love working with that computer. It gives me so many different things to do, but I really enjoy popping the bubbles. I popped over 220 bubbles the other day!”