Elder Spotlight: Shirley Starks

Shirley Starks, an elder Westmoreland Care and Rehabilitation, is a very special person. Shirley loves living at Westmoreland and attends several activities on a daily basis. Shirley also participates in our Music and Memory Program. Music and Memory is a program designed to provide elders with their own personalized music playlist, iPod, and headphones. Shirley requested all Vince Gill music on her playlist and we were able to provide her with the music she wanted. Listening to Vince Gill is a simple pleasure that makes Shirley happy! One of her favorite Vince Gill Songs is “Go Rest High on That Mountain.” Shirley said, “I love listening to my music, it makes me so happy. His voice is so good and I love hearing him sing.” Shirley also likes to watch Vince Gill’s music videos on our new IN2L computer!

Westmoreland Care and Rehab currently has 17 elders participating in Music and Memory, all with their own personalized playlists! We take pride in providing our elders with person directed care! To learn more about Music and Memory click HERE.

Recently, Shirley requested we take her to one of her favorite restaurants in Portland, Tennessee. She wanted to go the 109 Restaurant, so we took Shirley and some other elders. Shirley was so excited to be back at one of her favorite restaurants! Shirley went to the 109 Restaurant every day before coming to Westmoreland Care and Rehab. She was such a regular at the restaurant the restaurant always kept her same seat available each day! Shirley said, “I didn’t think I would ever be able to come back here again when I moved to Westmoreland Care and Rehab.”

During the outing, Shirley told elders and staff about her table, the history of the portraits on the wall, how the food always tasted great, and how she knew the owners of the restaurant. Shirley was so happy and excited to go back to the 109 Restaurant and we are happy to provide Shirley with a person centered activity that makes her feel that much joy!

As an Eden Alternative facility, the focus of our activities and care are based on the elder’s individual needs and preferences. Shirley is just one of many elders at Westmoreland Care and Rehab that we provide with person directed care. The Eden Alternative Principle number six states: “Meaningless activity corrodes the human spirit. The opportunity to do things that we find meaningful is essential to human health.” Westmoreland Care and Rehab has learned during our culture change journey, that person directed care key part to improving the overall quality of life for our elders! For more information on the Eden Alternative please visit http://www.edenalt.org/ .