Employee Spotlight: Julie Wilson

westmoreland employee spotlight julie

Along with her husband, Duane, and two small children, Sandy and Nick, Julie moved to middle Tennessee in June of 1998 leaving the snow and cold of New York state behind.

Julie has wanted to become a nurse since she was five-years-old, after seeing her mom die from complications from diabetes. In June of 199,1 she accomplished that dream by becoming an LPN.

Julie worked for several nursing homes in New York prior to moving to Tennessee. When she got here, she worked at The Palace as a CNA until she transferred her nursing license. She continued to work there until May of 2001, when she came to work here at Westmoreland Care and Rehab Center.

In her time here, Julie has been a reliable and dedicated stakeholder. She is always willing to do whatever is needed of her to take care of the elders who reside with us. Julie’s favorite part of working here is her elders and getting to know about them and their lives before they came to us. She said she stays with us because of the family atmosphere, the families of our elders, and her fellow stakeholders.

Julie is most proud of being here when she is supposed to be and of the fact that she takes good care of her elders.