Our Culture Change Journey: “Eden Alternative Leaf Ceremony”

Westmoreland Care and Rehab is an Eden Alternative facility and we take pride in changing the culture of caregiving to a person-directed approach. It takes time, consistency, and dedication of our elders, stakeholders, families, and our community to successfully maintain and change the culture of caregiving. Westmoreland Care and Rehab recently celebrated several of our accomplishments throughout our culture change journey with our 1st Eden Leaf Ceremony. In the front lobby of our community you will find a large tree posted on the wall titled “Our Culture Change Journey” that now has 13 green leaves! The 13 leaves on the tree represent our achievements during our culture change journey.

There were several elders, stakeholders, and children in attendance of our Eden Leaf Ceremony. We celebrated with a whole lot of ice cream! Elders, campers, and stakeholders were able to add the leaves on the tree!

The 13 Culture Leaves we received were:

  • Simple Pleasures
  • Hand In Hand Training
  • Eden Registry
  • Eden Milestone 2
  • Intergenerational
  • Musical Expressions
  • Snack Foods
  • Rhythm of Life
  • Overhead Paging
  • Eden Associate
  • Vacations
  • Elder Council
  • Animal Companionship