Elder spotlight of the month

December’s elder spotlight of the month is Benton Veatch

Mr. Benton Veatch has been an elder at Westmoreland Care and Rehab for six months now and his wife Sue visits almost daily. Benton and Sue are longtime residents of Macon County and have been married for 55 years.
Benton worked as a farmer and a mechanic for most of his adult life. His wife Sue was a homemaker and raised 2 children. Both she and Benton attended church regularly and sang in a traveling gospel group.
Sue states that she never has to worry about Benton when she goes home. She also states that, “The facility is so clean and smells so nice.” Sue is proud to have Benton in a place where he receives such good care and where the staff work together.
Sue enjoys the atmosphere at Westmoreland Care and Rehab so much that she intends to volunteer her time at Westmoreland Care and Rehab when she is able. Sue loves the fact that she would be part of a family instead of just a staff member.

We would like to thank our community and our families that allow us to take care of their loved ones each and every day. Our staff here at Westmoreland Care and Rehab would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.