Elder-focused Spirituality on the move at Westmoreland Care and Rehabilitation

 Spirituality is one of the three Pillars for Signature Healthcare and we understand that it is important to incorporate individualized spirituality for each of our Elders.  At our home we have several local community churches that come in and offer various spiritual events from preaching to song and worship services.  Several of our Elders recently expressed a desire to go out of the building to attend a church service as they did when they lived at home.  The Director of Spirituality, David Spears and Quality of Life Director, Kelsey Borders, took this suggestion and coordinated outings on Sunday mornings to allow the Elders to go and attend a church service in our local community.  This brought back wonderful memories of when they were young and attended church with their families. 

Each church they have attended invited them to enjoy a dinner with the congregation to discuss old times and reflect on traditions.   With each day that passes their individualized Spirituality becomes a way for them to witness to other Elders, visitors, families, and stakeholders.  This passion has evolved to creating a Chaplain Senior Army that assist with praying for others throughout the year!