Local Chaplain Achieves Ordination Credentials

David Spears received his certificate of Ordination from the Tennessee District Assemblies of God and the General Assemblies of God in Springfield, Missouri this past Wednesday night at Northside Assembly of God Church in Jackson, TN. The 89th District Council of the Assemblies of God met in Jackson on Monday April 7,2014 to conduct the annual business of the assembly.

The 3 days were inspired with speakers from New York to Missionaries from Africia. The highlight of the week was Wednesday night as the fellowship recognized 53 ministers , David was included in the group that received Ordination by the fellowship.

He attended the Tennessee School of Ministry and completed his courses in 3 years with having a gpa of 3.5. While attending school he was employed as the full time Director of Spirituality at Westmoreland Care and Rehabilitation. 

He shared “when you are working and going back to school it can be hard at times, but it is well worth the effort. I have tried to equip my call into the ministry with a solid education. I still believe in God called ministers however the addition education ehanced my ministry.”

I am truly blessed to serve as the Director of Spirituality here at Westmoreland Care and Rehabilitation. It has allowed me to met the need of not only our Elders but also our Stakeholders. In addition, God lead me to plant Destination Outreach Church three years ago in Westmoreland, TN. 

Through this process God has been at my side leading the way. There have been challenges along the way but I knew God’s  grace was sufficient. It has also reminded me that with every challenge or obstacle we face we should remind ourselves the Battle is the Lord’s.