Good Friday Communion Service

One thing that sets Signature Healthcare apart from other companies is our spirituality department. On Good Friday, Westmoreland Care and Rehab held our annual Good Friday Service. Chaplain David Spears preached, MDS Coordinator Linda played piano, and the singing dad and daughter duo–Tom and Chrystaline–sang for our elders and stakeholders. We also held communion and after the service the kitchen staff provided cherry turnovers, banana bread, and apple pies! The elders were smiling with tears of joy on their faces!

Local Chaplain Achieves Ordination Credentials

David Spears received his certificate of Ordination from the Tennessee District Assemblies of God and the General Assemblies of God in Springfield, Missouri this past Wednesday night at Northside Assembly of God Church in Jackson, TN. The 89th District Council of the Assemblies of God met in Jackson on Monday April 7,2014 to conduct the annual business of the assembly.

The 3 days were inspired with speakers from New York to Missionaries from Africia. The highlight of the week was Wednesday night as the fellowship recognized 53 ministers , David was included in the group that received Ordination by the fellowship.

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When in Trouble

I will call to you whenever I’m in trouble, and you will answer me.  Psalm 86:7

At times you may feel your burdens are more than you can handle.  You get notice the light bill is over due, your marriage is strained to the point of getting a divorce, your physician diagnoses you with a serious medical condition.  All of which can push you to a breaking point, what do you do?  Where do you turn?

As the scripture above shares, you need to call on God.  He states in his word that if we call on him in times of trouble he will answer us.  He will be that strong force you are seeking to walk the daily battles of life.  He will open up opportunities to pay bills, mend marriages, and heal the sick.  All he ask is that we turn to him for support, guidance, and have faith that he will walk with us.  Remember, as the Footprints in the Sand poem reminds us, it is when you see only one set of footprints that God is carrying you.

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Elder-focused Spirituality on the move at Westmoreland Care and Rehabilitation

 Spirituality is one of the three Pillars for Signature Healthcare and we understand that it is important to incorporate individualized spirituality for each of our Elders.  At our home we have several local community churches that come in and offer various spiritual events from preaching to song and worship services.  Several of our Elders recently expressed a desire to go out of the building to attend a church service as they did when they lived at home.  The Director of Spirituality, David Spears and Quality of Life Director, Kelsey Borders, took this suggestion and coordinated outings on Sunday mornings to allow the Elders to go and attend a church service in our local community.  This brought back wonderful memories of when they were young and attended church with their families. 

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Give Thanks

I am reminded in God’s word in 1Thesolonians 5:18 we are to give thanks in all circumstances. 

As we enter another Thanksgiving Season I am richly blessed to be able to serve the Elders at Westmoreland Care & Rehabilitation Center and have the opportunity to get to know their individual story and hear the reasons they are thankful for another year.  Each of us will gather this Thursday in homes with families and love ones to reflect over the many blessings that God has bestowed on each of us.   I challenge you to take time and reflect not only on the reasons you are blessed or thankful, but to think of ways you can reach others in your  neighborhood, work, or even local nursing and rehabilitation centers.  We do not always understand the reason why we experience some of the tragedy or obstacles that come before us; however, as God’s word states we are to find a way to give thanks in all circumstances. 

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Your Instrument of Choice

Praise the Lord! Sing to the Lord a new song. Praise his name with dancing, accompanied by tambourine and harp. Psalm 149;1-3 NLT

What’s the right way to praise the Lord? Do you use a stringed instrument or a tambourine? Do you sing a beautiful melody or recite an eloquent speech? Do you bow your head or raise your hands? First and foremost, praise to God must come from the heart with an attitude of joy, honor, and love for Him. After that, your praise can express itself in countless ways.

David himself praised God on an instrument, with dancing, and through writing psalms. He didn’t limit the creative ways he could express his adoration for God. Neither should you. So exalt God in everything you do and with everything you have. Truly, your loving God deserves it.

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