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Westmoreland Care and Rehab Nursing Home in Tn


Westmoreland, Tenn. – Westmoreland Care & Rehabilitation Center has been named to U.S. News & World Report’s Best Nursing Homes 2014 list.

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Signature recently held its Hometown Film Festival, an annual event in which nursing home residents create original films to compete for funds to go on vacation. Scripts are largely written by nursing home residents, who also star in the films. In 2014, more than 25 films were submitting, including the one above by Westmoreland Care & Rehab.

We hope you enjoy!



It is a common belief that cancer is the number one cause of death in the United States.  However, it is actually heart disease or coronary artery disease that is the leading cause of death in the United States, affecting more than 13 million Americans.

Coronary arteries are the pipeline to the heart for oxygen and nutrients found in the blood stream.  They start out in infants as smooth and elastic but over time may become narrow and rigid, restricting the blood flow and, thus, the oxygen and nutrients the heart must have to continue doing its job.  What causes this change in the inside of the arteries?  It is usually plaque buildup, which in turn causes inflammation and inflammatory cells that further restrict the blood flow.  The plaque can form as a result of improper dietary habits, little or no exercise, smoking, and, in some cases, heredity.

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SHC Hall of Fame

For those unable to attend a SHC Hall of Fame ceremony, we’re bringing the celebration to you with four sites that were selected to have their ceremonies broadcast live via our website.

On October 9, 2014, 99 Signature HealthCARE centers across the southeast and midwest will induct over 400 distinguished individuals into the Hall of Fame, in local ceremonies featuring celebrity speakers and presentations about the inductees lives and accomplishments.

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Tonya Jones
Westmoreland Care and Rehab is pleased to announce Tonya Jones as our stakeholder of the month for October.
Tonya is the administrative assistant/payroll and works in the business office. Tonya is always willing to lend a helping hand to her co-workers and enjoys assisting the Elders with finances. Tonya is the front line person that everyone sees or hears as she is the friendly helpful voice that answers the phone and she is the first person you see when you come in the building.
Tonya has been with the Signature HealthCARE nine years. She began her career with Signature HealthCARE at Donelson Place before transferring to Westmoreland Care and Rehab five years ago.
Tonya is married to Stacey Jones and together they have one son, Gunner.
In her spare time, Tonya enjoys spending time with family, shopping, attending church and riding four wheelers.
Congratulations Tonya.

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The Hall Of Fame is an innovative Quality of Life Program developed by Signature HealthCARE designed to honor the lives and accomplishments of our residents, stakeholders, volunteers, and others who have had such an impact on our centers, communities, and nation.

On October 9, 2014, 87 Signature HealthCARE centers across the southeast and midwest will induct over 350 distinguished individuals into the Hall of Fame, in local ceremonies featuring celebrity speakers and presentations about the inductees lives and accomplishments.

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Congestive Heart Failure: also known as Heart Failure or CHF

Congestive Heart Failure is a condition in which the Heart’s ability to pump oxygen rich blood is inadequate. Congestive Heart failure is caused by diseases that weaken the muscles of the heart, diseases that stiffen the heart muscle or by diseases that increase the oxygen demands of the heart.

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Each year, we here at Westmoreland Care & Rehab send two of our Elders on a vacation of a lifetime. This year, the Elders have chosen Disney World in Orlando, FL! With your participation in our 1st Annual “Angling for Elders” Bass Tournament, we will be able to provide funds toward this trip. Prizes include gift cards and products from our sponsors and a Biggest Bass Cash payout! We thank you for your support and hope to see you at Flippers Bait & Tackle on September 27th, 2014. Breakfast/Lunch available on-site.

When:  September 27th, 2014

Time:  First safe light/ Daybreak

Weigh In:  1:00 p.m.

Cost: $60 per Boat

Location: Flippers Bait & Tackle– Gallatin, TN

Registration: Flippers Bait & Tackle

On or before 9/27/2014

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Four Westmoreland Care and Rehab Center Elders recently competed in the Signature Hometown Senior Olympics. The theme was Destination Vacation and the Elders competed in 9 games that were themed to the 3 vacation options this year; Disney World, Gatlinburg and Panama City Beach.

The 4 who attended were Linda Blake, Tommie Wilburn, Michael Stone and Rollon Gass. Team Westmoreland had a great time and every member won at least one Individual Medal, 8 medals total. They also won 2 Team Awards; the Spirit Award and the Most Points Overall. We were all super excited to participate in this year’s Hometown Region 1 Olympics and look forward to bringing home more “hardware” next year!

debbie 001Westmoreland Care and Rehab is pleased to announce Debra Troutt as the stakeholder of the month for September.
Debra works in laundry and has been with Signature HealthCARE since October 2010. She is a dedicated worker and enjoys making sure the Elders laundry is done the way they would have done it at home. She looks forward to the interaction she has with the Elders when delivering their laundry to them and enjoys the stories the Elders tell her.
Debra has three children and nine wonderful grandchildren whom she loves spending time with when not at work.
Debra has an identical twin sister and they were born on Christmas day. On her days off, they spend the day together shopping, eating out and just being together.
Her co-workers say she is an amazing person, a hard worker and she is fun to work with.
Congratulations Debra!

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